Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Table 9.11 Complete

Upon completion and prior to delivery to the client, I had some pictures taken by a photographer. The great thing about the piece is while the workmanship and finish are close to perfect, the wood is nowhere close, and intentionally. This wood was reclaimed from an old barn and was attacked by the weather, sun, and termites over the years. So rightfully the wood shows the wear and tear of years of use. 2nd chances are great, not always deserved, but when given the opportunity, can yield beautiful results. Enjoy the picks.

The dark streaks in the wood are cracks left behind from years of exposure to the weather and sun.

Leg to top reinforcing peg.

Top to leg connection, simple yet elegant. The same is said the the keyed miter shown below.

Visible termite damage intentionally left in one of the legs. The dark spot in the lower right portion of the picture is a nail hole.

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